Mining division of Macrocom offers experience and knowledge


Mining division of Macrocom offers  experience and knowledge to help mining companies meet the diverse, and sometimes difficult technical challenges unique to their industry in a practical and reliable manner. We assist our clients as they balance operational efficiency with the requirements of good stewardship, environmental sustainability, and their regulatory requirements. We consistently maintain a focus on quality, safety, and sustainability.

From sustainable water management and natural resources engineering to mine remediation and closure, Macrocom provides comprehensive consulting, engineering, construction, quality assurance, and program management services to the mining industry around the world.

How we can help

As a leading mining consulting firm, we apply our global expertise and knowledge to assist the world’s largest mining companies with their environmental, water, waste management, and infrastructure projects. We bring value throughout the mine life cycle through our innovative solutions, as well as vast global industry knowledge of all stages of mining operations. Our strong culture of project management is supported by proven cost, schedule and quality control systems.

Customized solutions for complex projects

We appreciate that mining companies are now mining ever lower ore grades and understand the constraints – water, power, costs and social license – that this creates. Macrocom is at the forefront of making smart use of water within the sector. We have proven that well-planned site water management can be sustainable, environmentally-friendly and cost effective, and sometimes that deciding component of a mine’s success, as the industry and the world strives to balance the use of the Earth’s resources with ecologically sound practices.

Mine Development & Closure Planning

We help mining companies with all aspects of mine development and closure planning. This includes all types of mining studies, mine planning, prefeasibility studies, feasibility studies, and closure planning.

From the block model and other supporting geological data, our experts can evaluate and determine the best mining method, production capabilities, and sequencing for your deposit. Macrocom offers turnkey services for mine closure, from initial project planning, through site characterization, reclamation design, and construction. We take a multi-disciplinary, integrated approach to site characterization and design to develop simple and effective solutions to address the diverse aspects of mine closure and reclamation.

Feasibility Studies & Project Management

We can help you complete all types of feasibility studies so mining companies can rest assured that their resource can be mined effectively and profitably. Across all of our work, we incorporate a uniform approach and process for project management and delivery. This assures consistently high quality in the projects we execute and facilitates sharing of information and resources for our clients.

Mine Facilities

From headframes to mine administration buildings our team designs facilities and systems that help to lower operating costs and energy consumption, increase production, decrease emissions into the community, and comply with regulatory requirement

Civil Infrastructure

We are known for our capabilities and experience in design and construction, and timely completion of geotechnical and civil engineering projects in complex settings, various site conditions and locations worldwide. The performance and stability of the various components of a mine site are critical, be it a tunnel, foundation, road, dam, or other elements. Our approach to the design and construction of these components is to minimize risks to our clients and meet operational and performance objectives.